How lucky, to be little in Lewes

Little Lewes

Little Lewes is a blog of ideas and inspiration. It’s primarily about things to do with kids in and near Lewes, the beautiful county town of East Sussex.

It’s for people who live in the town and for people who live nearby. It’s for Lewes’ many visitors. It’s about the town’s own special little places, and it’s about days out and spots to visit within a one-hour drive in any direction from it.

It’s about play farms and pubs with playgrounds. It’s about free stuff to do and pricey treats. And it’s about all the experiences in between – from woods, walks and walled gardens to rock-pooling, railways and what to do on rainy days.

I’ll write about the nearest sandy beach to Lewes, an enchanted forest where the trees have eyes, and an underground museum at the bottom of a winding staircase…

I’ll write it in real time, as and when my boys and I discover and do each thing.

Occasionally Little Lewes’s pages will include posts about design and interiors, inspiring blogs I read, children’s book and app reviews (some including giveaways), kids fashion and brands I like (and think my readers may too), travel to places that aren’t anywhere near Lewes, and charities supporting vulnerable children. These are all issues and subjects that I am interested in both professionally and personally and that I enjoy writing about.

How lucky, to raise littlies in Lewes


I am Kate, a freelance writer, content creator, and editor who once specialised in travel features and books. My feet have been planted firmly on the ground in Lewes since I had my two young sons. I now write about design, homes and interiors, lifestyle, families and kids – and, from time to time, still a bit of travel.

Little Lewes is also for me, as an ode to the town that constantly reminds me how lucky I am to have chosen it as the place to raise my family.

If you have suggestions, comments or feedback about the blog, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “About

  1. Thank you for this blog. I am thinking of coming to stay nr Lewes at Laughton Lodge with my nearly two year old for a few days, and was wondering what there is to do in the area. The sandy beach and Washbrook play farm (all I have read sofar), sound fab. Thank you for making my holiday plans more viable!
    I hope you are having a fab time in the exotic East!
    Best wishes, Nickie

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