I opened up Little Lewes to advertising in November 2014. There’s space for one large button, two medium and up to seven small ones, all billed by calendar month. They’re not expensive (see below) because they’re based on readership, which is considered on the small side in blogging terms, but should be viewed in relation to the size of the physical community of Lewes and its surrounds – and the niche demographic of parents, grandparents and carers in the area.

Here’s some stuff to know:

  • Rates are £20 per calendar month for a small ad, £28 for a medium, and £35 for a large. If you start on any day other than the 1st, I’ll pro-rata this out for you.
  • If you’re a Lewes business, and especially if you’re small and independent, you’ll always be given priority.
  • I won’t advertise anything that doesn’t seem relevant to the blog and its readers (no car dealerships, taxi firms or pet products, sorry) and the buttons need to look kind of nice too.
  • Affiliate buttons fill the spaces not currently being taken by sponsored advertising, and will be removed in favour of advertisers.

If you’re interested in advertising on Little Lewes, do get in touch through the Contact page.



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