Editorial Policy and Planning

The title of this section is sort of a joke, because I don’t have anything like a policy or a plan! I work mostly on instinct or as a result of happenstance. Life with young children is often way beyond my control, so committing to posts for which we have to do things at certain times can be tricky – but I’ll always do my best. I really like to keep the blog personal and organic, because I believe it would cease to be fun to write – and read – if it became too scheduled.

Here’s some stuff to know: 

  • I tend to write posts two or three times a week depending on what else is going on.
  • Little Lewes is rarely written to a schedule because there are enough deadlines in my working life!
  • I’ve also had periods where I take a hiatus because I’m a mother first, a worker bee second, and a blogger last. (If you’re an advertiser you won’t be charged when I am having one of these, although your button can remain on the site – this doesn’t count for a quiet week where me or one of my kids is sick, it’s more for times like summer holidays, when I plan to go quiet for a month).
  • The blog isn’t my job (sadly), it’s just something I like to do.

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