Work With Little Lewes

Little Lewes wasn’t started to make money, but having been approached several times about advertising, as well as by affiliate brands, I’ve recently been more open to making a few pennies from it, especially given the time it takes to write. However, nothing I write about or promote on the blog will ever be anything I don’t personally like, use, agree with, and want to independently champion.

It’s best to take a look through the drop-down menu here to read a little about what you’re interested in approaching me about – if my blog sounds like a good fit, please do get in touch! Bear in mind I’m just one person and this is a personal blog – not a service or company – and I have my family and work to consider first, so apologies in advance if I don’t reply immediately.

I’m PR-friendly, so do get in touch if you feel you or the brand you represent might be a good fit for Little Lewes. Note that I always disclose any sponsorship or freebies that we’re given.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately I won’t approach my children’s school or nursery on behalf of others. My children are largely unaware of Little Lewes, except that it results in the odd free trip to the odd nice place or the addition of some new books to their shelves and I’d rather it remain that way. They’re purposefully not visible on the blog in a recognisable way, and I won’t agree to anything that would make them so.

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