Hiring Me/Using My Content + Images

I’m open to writing for other blogs or for publications and brands. I’m a copywriter, editorial writer and editor/sub-editor by trade and I specialise in design, homes and interiors, fashion, lifestyle, families and children, and travel. You can see my (very very out of date) website here: katejohnsonwriter.com

I’m always happy to discuss you using my content – adapted or as-is – in your magazine or on your website, but please don’t ask to have this for free (unless you’re a charity, or writing for you is going result in a million new subscribers). And also please don’t just take it.

If you’d like to use my images or content as a fellow blogger or independent business, please first ask, and also be prepared to link directly back to the post you saw it in, citing ‘copyright Kate Johnson, Little Lewes’ on every image you use. Thank you!


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