Guest Posts

I’m open to ideas from people who’d like to pen a post for Little Lewes – but not to commercial guest posts. If you have a look at the ‘Perfect Guests‘ posts by searching the Categories drop down in the side bar, you’ll get a sense of what’s gone before by others. You’ll need to provide images – whether they include your children or not is completely up to you.

I’d love to hear from people living in towns within an hour’s drive of Lewes, namely: Hastings, Bexill, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Worthing, Brighton, Rye. If you write similar sorts of blogs or do a job with kids and would like to write about your perfect day with your own children in those places, then brilliant. Please get in touch via the Contact page if you’re interested.

Here’s some stuff to know:

  • Guest posts will always be edited by me to fit the style of Little Lewes, while working as far as possible to retain the author’s voice.
  • They have to be relevant to the blog’s reason for being, which is ‘things to do in and near Lewes with kids’.
  • If you’re a fellow blogger, there’ll be plenty of linking back to your site and some high-fiving on social media. If you have a product or service you’d like to promote through your post, we can weave that in together if it’s relevant.
  • I’m always grateful for offers of guest posts but may sometimes they’re not right for the blog and its readers. Please don’t be offended if I don’t take you up on your kind offer of providing content for Little Lewes – but thank you so much for doing so anyway.





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