Sunshine and Feeling Flattered (Or, It's Spring and Little Lewes is Up for an Award)

Despite living in a house filled with the gloom of sickness right now, there are two reasons to be happy today.

First is the sun. It is shining and fantastic. I don’t think in all my life I have ever been so grateful for the arrival of spring. It means vitamin D and picnic teas in the park. It means that once again I can start taking pictures like this:


And this:


The second is that Little Lewes has been nominated for an award. I don’t know how, but it is up for Best Family Travel Blog at the MAD Blog Awards for Mums and Dads 2014. Sponsored by Parentdish, according to the site it is the biggest awards do for parent blogs in the UK. Fancy that!

Someone out there must have nominated Little Lewes for the long list. Whoever you are, thank you! You have made me feel more than a little flattered that my little blog about our little town has even a little chance.

Chloe from Gannet and Parrot is up for Best Photography
Image via:

Fellow Lewesian and friend Chloe over at Gannet and Parrot has also been nominated. She’s deservedly up for Best Photography.

If we both receive enough votes to make the top four in our categories, and the judges also think our blogs cut the mustard, we go to the final and have a chance of actually winning.

Nominations (actually votes) are open until March 14th. You can click here or you can click the button to the right (or below if you’re reading this on a mobile device) to nominate Little Lewes.

You have to plug in the URL of whichever blog you’d like to nominate as ‘Blog of the Year’ before you get through to a page with all the categories.

Gannet and Parrot is in the Best Photography category. Little Lewes is in the Best Family Blog category.

Thank you in advance for voting! If I win, we can all go for ice cream!


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2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Feeling Flattered (Or, It's Spring and Little Lewes is Up for an Award)

  1. Beautiful reflection shot
    …& congratulations on your new little one 🙂
    Yes it will be lovely to actually get some gorgeous pics outside with SUN in them! Thanks for popping over, I’m so glad I popped back, you’re blog is beautiful, elegant and stylish ❤

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