Stuff I'm reading and thinking about on my break (pt 2) – and coming back

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Election day is a couple of weeks away – do you know how you’re voting yet? In the past I’ve just known that I’m a [insert party name]* supporter and it’s been a no-brainer. But on the back of this coalition government, and probably because I have a fully fledged family and a child in school now, this time it’s less clear-cut. A friend and I were discussing this over dinner last weekend, and she pointed me in the direction of This fairly in-depth online quiz allows you to opt to answer further questions in each category, and choose on a sliding scale to the left of the questions how strongly you feel about that particular issue – all of which renders the result more accurate. You’ll be given a percentage-lead break-down of where your loyalties lie based on your beliefs, meaning you’re more likely to vote based on that rather than based on persuasive party rhetoric (doesn’t it sometimes feel like they’re all saying a version of the same thing? Or worse, nothing of substance at all?). *That’s private!

Our chronic device-dependence means that ‘digital detox’ is now a thing. Always ahead of the curve (ha) I started this about a year ago with an alarm clock and never ever taking my phone upstairs to bed. I also have a paper – yes paper – diary. And a watch, having grown sick of rooting around in a bag for the time (my phone). On this, here’s an interesting article I found on Medium about just turning it all off: It can wait. Really. 

As you may know I am a bit of a sucker for the Cup of Jo blog. I really liked the post How to teach your child not to interrupt. I’m going to try it (I can’t finish – or even start – a conversation with another adult, and my children have really loud voices (people comment on it) so anything to communicate with them in a non-verbal way gets a tick).

Oh dang, my younger child’s third birthday is coming up. If you’ve read this blog a while you’ll know from this post that children’s parties are not my forte. So I’m looking at this post about stress-free kids party tips from the very nice Seeds and Stitches blog.

On very nice blogs, Gannet & Parrot is back after a little quiet time (something in the water, clearly). It has a whole new friendly look and its writer, a Lewes girl and my friend Chloë King, is now a columnist for Viva Brighton magazine. I particularly loved her post about the Nutri-bullet because having really liked this particular fad-utensil I had to ditch it after the smoothies gave me terrible tummy aches. This one, too, about her early midlife crisis struck a chord – do we have too much choice these days? And is it leading us to making no choices at all?

Guess what? Getting older is the new cool! Want proof? I give you this, this and this. Ageing: a style that’s effortless to achieve and – bonus! – happens so much quicker when you’re a parent.

Also, being a mum is the new cool too. And being a mum and a lot of other things is even cooler. I give you this, this, this, and this. So combine the getting older and the mother-status and guess what? We’re the coolest people on the planet!

Further to the above, who says change bags have to look like this? Some mother cool coming in September from Tiba + Marl (check out the product on Instagram) with their style-lead change bags. I have no babies, so perhaps a reason to have another one? No! Because ownership of a T+M tote is not baby-dependent, they work as bag-bags for anyone!

That Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Wow – goosebumps! My husband teared up. The last scene will make you whoop! Not seen it? Where have you been? Watch it now (with a box of man size tissues close by).

Lastly I’ve been reading this menu – has anyone tried Erawan, the new Thai takeaway place in Lewes? Any good?

And hey, I‘ve decided to keep Little Lewes going – obviously from this post and some others that have come from me, I can’t keep away. But it’s been good for me to down tools a while and to do some thinking – I’ve had so much more headspace without the blog ticking on in the back of my brain. I guess I got a bit sick of seeing what people give away of themselves on blogs, which you see more of on Instagram, and also had an overwhelming feeling of ‘what’s the point?’. But I know what the point is: I simply enjoy it. As long as I do, I’ll write it. When I don’t, I’ll take a break. In the meantime I’ll try not to overthink it. I worry far too much about people thinking I’m some kind of wonder mum from what I write here, but I’m going to stop that now, because as social media users I think we all know that what we share is only what’s within the lens – and that there’s plenty of life’s stress and crap just outside the frame – see below 😉

There’ll be a new look to Little Lewes very soon. But meantime, more from May 1st…

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I’m Kate, a copywriter, brand consultant and editor who creates messages that are clear and clean. I create these for brands and agencies both big and boutique, in areas including design, homes and interiors, travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, and kids and families. I believe clear, clean messages bolster brands and businesses. They evoke emotion and ignite inspiration, and when written well, they’re easier to absorb – and respond to. I live in Copenhagen and am half-English, half-Danish. I write as comfortably in American English as in British, and behind the scenes I'm also studying Danish. Need help getting your message out? Contact me.

5 thoughts on “Stuff I'm reading and thinking about on my break (pt 2) – and coming back

  1. Thanks Kate for supporting me and my little blog as you always have done. I love Little Lewes and I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep going. Blogging should be fun, not some kind of millstone, although it can feel that way at times. You’ve always been much more courteous to your readers than me! I’ll look forward to checking out these links too. Can I add one? Particularly in response to your concern about people assuming mum bloggers are pitching themselves as wonder parents, I’ve just discovered The Financial Diet blog. Great. Meet Minimalist PIxie Dream Girl.

  2. Love reading your blog Kate and you’ve turned me into a proper addict of cup of Jo!
    Always lovely to read your posts and get a little update on your world- glad you’re continuing with it. Much love, sophs x

    1. Awww Soph, so nice to see your name pop up on here – yes isn’t Cup of Jo great? I wish it were my blog, it’s so genuine and she seems really nice. I’m going to email you separately off this thing. I wonder when you’re next coming to Crowborough and whether we can try and see you? xxxx

  3. I’m glad you’re back too, I also have a ‘whats the point’ attitude sometimes but I’m with you in that if you’re enjoying doing it then go for it. Plus your posts are really useful for people who live around these parts! Kx p.s. addicted to cup of jo too! I like that she seems really normal. can’t stand it when people preach their ideas, I feel like she just invites you to discuss which is refreshing.

    1. Thanks Kat! I love Cup of Jo for all the same reasons – I think she’s the original ‘real’ blogger, and somehow it just never seems gross when she does it or shares pictures of her kids or sad family news. She genuinely seems genuine and her tips on how to be a blogger before I even started my blog were what have kept me staying true to what feels right and what doesn’t. She has a similar professional background to me too, so we have similar slants on some of the more editorial issues! Love her (want to be her best friend, can you tell?). P.S. never any pressure to do a guestie for LL, enjoy your babies while they’re still babies – my second is about to turn three and my heart is breaking in some ways xxx

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