Hello September, My Favourite Month


So, my family and I have been back from our far-off adventures for two weeks, and with our arrival somehow the summer pretty much departed. Thanks awfully!

But I’m not too glum. As you’ll see in a couple of posts I’ll be trying to write in the next couple of weeks, the sun has managed to peep through on the few days I have been off with my boys. Also, September is my favourite month – I usually feel rested and energised and ready to get back to work/life. I love the feeling of the days crisping up, and it’s now I usually make resolutions rather than at New Year.

Besides, we had an amazing time away and three weeks is ages, so would you believe, we were ready to come home. It’s nice to be back in a climate where you can wear jeans without them getting stuck to your legs.


OH and guess what? I read three books! Still Alice’ was heartbreaking and ‘Dear Lupin’ I am still snickering over in the street when recall certain moments and passages. I also read a book called ‘Caroline: A Mystery’ by Cornelius Medvei, about a man who forms a relationship with a donkey, which was very charming and I devoured. I dipped into Oprah’s amazing book (which is like fist-bumping with the powerhouse herself), and am currently reading Lena’s paranoid, witty observations (shit, I would never go back to my twenties).

Here’s some holiday snaps (sorry Instagram followers, you’ve probably seen all of these already):

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I am hoping to reignite my interest in this blog, because I’ve found life a lot easier without it in it. Posts may not be as forthcoming now (if they ever were) because I need to keep how long I’m spending a computer in check – this practise has really screwed my back up. And besides, I’m finding evenings in which I can have a bath, do some exercise or go to bed at 9pm (unheard of!) really quite novel – and quite nice!

But let’s keep going for now, and see where we get to. I’m cheered and flattered to see so many new subscribers, thank you for signing up – I hope you don’t come to dread my arrival in your inbox! The blog seems to have been oft-visited this summer, with plenty of views each day, so I hope it proved useful.

Kate x

P.S. Part of my September energy is ripping through my house trying to de-clutter. I’m selling some stuff via Instagram – go over and take a look if you’re interested in minimal Japanese-style kids furniture and small Scandinavian hand-knits. You’ll see mini versions of the snaps in the side bar >>>.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links to Foyles for Books within this post. 

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I’m Kate, a copywriter, brand consultant and editor who creates messages that are clear and clean. I create these for brands and agencies both big and boutique, in areas including design, homes and interiors, travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, and kids and families. I believe clear, clean messages bolster brands and businesses. They evoke emotion and ignite inspiration, and when written well, they’re easier to absorb – and respond to. I live in Copenhagen and am half-English, half-Danish. I write as comfortably in American English as in British, and behind the scenes I'm also studying Danish. Need help getting your message out? Contact me.

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