Rich Shades + New Shapes: AW15 from Magnificent Stanley (Paired with Amy & Ivor's Soft Toddler Shoes)


Have you seen the new AW range from Magnificent Stanley, the Lewes-based creator of bespoke Liberty-lettered tees? Seasonal rich, deep maroon and soft, soft grey are added to the existing palette of navy, white and bright poppy red (amazing for Christmas), with new Liberty fabrics for the letters and numbers that tone in.

Owner Becky Belfield has also diversified into sweatshirts
 this season, adding to her well-loved stock of gorgeously soft long- and short-sleeve tees. These have snap-buttoned necks, a straighter cut, and small side vents for age 6-12m, 1-2yr, 2-3yr, and raglan-style for 3-4yr and 4-5yr (£22). There are personalised age or letter versions, or more generic ones for passing between siblings with words such as ‘HEY’.

The new Wiltshire fabric for AW15

But my favourites are the little hoodies in the tee section. I feel my credit card twitching and my PIN-prodding finger itching when I see the ‘A’ top on the little clear-eyed boy (see top of post). Those little toddler elastic-band wrists and chubby fingers (brood, brood…).


Finally, if you want to go matchy-matchy with your kiddos, there are new ‘Mumma Sweats’ – grey or navy, £38.


Congrats Becky, on a divine new season! Magnificent Stanley ships worldwide, but for those living in Lewes, you can get free shipping by using the code LEWESSHIP.


P.S. How about those soft leather shoes on the kids in the MS images? They’re by Amy & Ivor and I love them so much but don’t have any feet in my life small enough to buy them for. I might have to get some to wear on my hands.



Disclosure: No compensation, financial or otherwise, was offered or accepted for the writing of this post. It is a straight ‘news/review’ post. 

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