COMPETITION: 14 Christmas Books to Borrow for Your Own Book Advent Calendar

Congratulations to Little Lewes reader (and my friend) Sophie Cameron, who won 14 books to borrow for her kids’ Christmas advent calendar!


A little over a year ago I wrote a blog post about alternative advent calendar ideas. The one that people seemed to latch on to – as did I – was the Christmas book one.

We went ahead and did this – and I shared how we managed it – and my kids really liked it. But I think they didn’t realise that they weren’t ‘present presents’, and there were a few comments about already having had this book for ages etc (ungrateful little toads).


This year I have other plans, but since the response was so overwhelming on the blog and social media I thought, rather than let our books gather dust this year, I’ll keep 10 back to read to my kids leading up to Christmas, and will lend a Little Lewes reader the other 14 so they only have to add 10 of their own to make up the 24. Some of these books will be Christmas books, some will be wintery ones. But you’ll be able to do a surprise book advent calendar for your own kids without forking out loads of money.


Here’s what ours looked like last year – we used tissue paper so they would be super easy for the littler one to open. I bought it from Clarkes down in Cliffe, as well as silver and gold pens – fat and thin. Then I snapped up luggage tags at Sussex Stationers to hang from each, put my illustrator husband to work doing the numbers, and we lined them up on our sideboard in our dining room instead of on a fireplace (though they’d look so lovely on one as they were in the original post).


If you’d like to win the chance to borrow these books for Christmas, please just comment on this post and share it on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. I’d be grateful for a mention of @littlelewes on the latter two if you would (I’m not on Facebook, sorry) and if you do on Facebook, please comment below to let me know.


I’ll pick a winner on Friday 27th of November, giving you a few days to wrap up all your books and the weekend to come and get them. You’ll obviously need to return the books to me in good shape (please) after Christmas is all done and dusted. Our surname will be in them all so they’re easy to return.

‘Bear Hug’ by Katharine McEwen, a very special book for Christmas that you can read my review of if you click the image

Note: this competition is only open to Lewes residents or those who live near Lewes in say Brighton, Hove, Seaford, Eastbourne, who are willing to come and pick them up. Please also note that the books pictured in this post may not end up in the stash I lend out – I haven’t looked at them all yet to work out which I’ll be lending.



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