Party, Party! With Bags of Books and Leigh Hodgkinson

IMG_6856We went to the Bags of Books Summer Party this morning. Turning up a little on the tardy side (sorry to all those we interrupted on the way in) for children’s author and illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson’s event. She centred this around her new book ‘Troll Swap’.


Leigh lives in Lewes and is the illustrator of two of my sons’ favourite books, ‘Don’t Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate!‘ and ‘Don’t Put Your Pants on Your Head, Fred!‘.


All the children were given a puppet to decorate, so they could each make their own troll. Leigh had hand-sewn the lot. She provided PVA, teeth she had cut out, eyes, buttons, sequins, ribbons and more so they could go monster mad. I was very impressed she’d gone to all this effort! Especially as she has a six-month-old baby (who had her up five times last night. Leigh, you’re a rockstar). AND she’s doing ArtWave this year…


The party was held at The Buttercup Café, which those who follow this blog will know I have posted on. In the courtyard were a book stall and craft tables themed around various other books.


We stopped at a table where another author, Amy Sparkes, had set up paper plates, crayons, and sticks for children to make their own monster mask. Her book ‘Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo‘ was on the table, so we read it. I loved the illustrations by Sara Ogilve (and, being married to an illustrator, I am a real children’s illustration snob!). They have some of the charm of Maurice Sendak.


We also spotted a button tree, and there was an amazing face painter. She had a whole rainbow’s spectrum of colours and motifs to choose from.


My favourite thing was the ‘sea’ wall on the way in. Children were encouraged to write a wish on a fish and then stick it on the sea. I loved one that a little girl had written that said: ‘A real baby‘. Bless.


Congratulations to the ever-wonderful Bags of Books (and The Buttercup Café) for a day well done! 

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I'm a freelance copywriter, features writer and editor who, before I had children, mostly wrote travel books and magazine features. Since my two boys came along, my feet have had to stay firmly rooted to one town: Lewes, the county town of East Sussex in the UK. With Little Lewes I aim to give people ideas and inspiration for things to do with their families within the town itself, and within an hour's radius of it – this combines my one-time specialty of travel writing, with my current specialty of raising kids.

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