In town: Popsicle, The Needlemakers, Lewes

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I’m popping with excitement about Popsicle! It’s the new little shop of the lovely Sharon Makgill and thank goodness she’s open because NEXT WEEK it’s Father’s Day.

You might remember I did a sort of Lewes High Street edit of suggested Father’s Day gifting last year. Well, this year I’ve not the time – either for the post or for the shopping – so I’m making a beeline to one shop and it’s Popsicle.

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Sharon will be instantly recognisable to most as she worked at Wickle for years. She’s the one with the great hair who looks like a walking rainbow.

So it’s unsurprising that Popsicle is a colour-lover’s dream. Because she’s a colour lover. And it’s her dream.

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The shop is downstairs at The Needlemakers, right by From Victoria (don’t anyone dare go in there and buy that Spanish basket with the pink stripes. It’s mine) and The Seamstress.

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Outside is a GIANT gold beanbag (that my son dove headlong into). There are gold cushions. There are strings of bright pom-poms strung from the ceiling. Everything is EFF-YEUW-ENN.

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Inside is a carefully – colourfully – curated collection. A ladder of boldly brilliant wrapping paper, cool cards, menswear and womenswear (including a sweatshirt saying DISCO in big silver letters and a bumbag shaped like a pineapple that had me at hello. Both a yes for the school run).

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Then there are the Anthony Burrill prints (£48 unframed). These are more unusual in their messaging than his most famous ones.  They spell out ‘THE SUN SHINES HERE EVERY DAY!’ and ‘I LIKE IT. WHAT IS IT?’. Popsicle also stocks notebooks with the same messages (£9).

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With their unfussy, striking lettering and poppy colours, these would make PERFECT presents for most fathers, don’t you think? (Especially if, like me, presents for your other half are actually about presents for yourself).

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There’s also a framed jukebox print (£60) and one saying ‘Hey, get together and make things happen‘ (£46) if the AB ones are a bit loud for your guy.

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Accessorise these with a comicbook-stylie cracker cardthat includes a tissue mask and a joke. When you open them they snap like a cracker! Those with Father’s Day messaging just came in to stock.

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The future (as in, within the next week) for Popsicle’s stock is an extension into baby and kids’ gear up to age eight – much of it from gorgeous French brand, Petit Pan. This includes THESE baby shoes (someone get me a daughter immediately).

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Fizzy pop for everyone! Party times! Hurray for Popsicle!

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Address: The Needlemakers, West Street, BN7 1NZ

Tel. no: 01273 911 314

Website: (to go live next week)

Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm

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2 thoughts on “In town: Popsicle, The Needlemakers, Lewes

  1. oooooooooooh this shop got me hooked even by the name! looks so good damn it! giant bean bag, graphoc prints too- ticks all the boxes…. *raid the piggy bank and plans a visit*

    1. Oh my Leigh, it’s SO GOOD! Sharon has done a sterling job and deserves to sell out of everything immediately! x

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