Frightfully Good Fun for Halloween + Half Term, in and near Lewes, East Sussex

Woah there, half term is upon us! It feels like my son only just started school, but it’s definitely time we all had a break from the new routine.

Half term has never really affected us – well except that I found it irksome that all the toddler stuff stopped! But now it does, and I sort of understand why. And of course in the October one there’s also Halloween to consider.

On the toddler thing by the way, this is most definitely not just a post for those with school-age children – plenty of what’s on offer is for all ages. I draw your attention to the Places and Play Farms + Animals sections particularly.

Meantime, I must apologise – I know this post is on the tardy side. I have been squashed under a heavy workload but…what can I say…hopefully it’s useful anyway.


Right, let’s get started. Here’s a roundup of what’s going on in and near Lewes this half term.

Some things to know about this post:

  • There are some things that are specifically for older kids (sort of 7+). I’ve made the titles for these turquoise to mark them out. Those titles in purple are just for decoration
  • I have not included the contact details for each place, as everything is easily found on their websites
  • For further details of what’s going on at each place or what an event or show involves, please contact the place, venue or person running it. Each website listed below is a live link, as is each image
  • The events are listed alphabetically, but start with Shows and Films as they are quite small categories. No preference for any one event or item over another is in any way intended
  • Little Lewes has gathered all information from each relevant entry’s website or press materials and cannot be held responsible for misinformation.
  • I would be so grateful to any readers mentioning that they read about events and happenings on Little Lewes when they book.



What to expect: Based on the book by Al Start and Chloe Batchelor, this is a musical show for the whole family, incorporating original songs, puppetry, silly comedy, a little gloop, and a very special effect! It’s a charming, disgusting tale of friendship, mystery, spells, witches cats, and the search for all that is wrong and foul in this witchy world…


Run by: Al Start and Nicola Bloom
Venues, Dates + Times: All Saints, Lewes: 31 Oct, 3pm; Chyngton Primary School, Seaford: 2 Nov, 2pm; Komedia, Brighton: 3 Nov, 1pm
Age: suitable for all!
Price: £6 per person; Family of 4, £20 (+ booking fees where applicable); under 2s, free
ee also  Activities + Workshops below, where details of Al and Gorrid’s appearances at Bags of Books and The Book Nook are listed.


What to expect: A combination of opera, puppetry and ‘dreams’ in this musical show about a little girl called Polly, who loves to sing opera. The story sees her follow a teddy called Reginald to the ‘other side’ in his pursuit of the dreaded, dream-sucking Shadow.

Image courtesy of Musicanima

Run by: Musicanima Theatre
Venue: The All Saints Centre
Date + Time: 3 November, 2.30pm (performance one hour)
Age: 5+
Price: Adult, £7; Child, £6
Website:; tickets at:

with Wishworks Performance of Red Riding Hood

What to expect: As part of the Family Arts Festival, Wishworks will perform Red Riding Hood at the Theatre Royal Brighton and host a ‘playing puppets’ activity. This is a full morning on stage, in which children: watch the show; meet the puppeteers; join a puppet-making workshop in which they learn how to animate them; and embark on a puppet trail around the building in search of puppets of all shapes, sorts and sizes.
Run by: Wishworks
Venue: Theatre Royal Brighton
Dates + Times: 28 + 29 Oct, 10am-1pm + 2-5.30pm
Ages: 4-12
Price: Adult, £12; Conc, £10; Child, £10; Family (min 2 children), £38



What to expect: The completely ace film of 1984 starring Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Sigourney Weaver. Hilarious, silly, excellent.

Image via

Venue: Newhaven Fort
Run by: Filmspot, a year-round touring company that celebrates cinema by focusing on screenings in heritage locations across East Sussex
Date + Time: 2 Nov, 2pm
Price: Adult, £6; Child, £4 (booking advised)
Website: or



What to expect: An event for teens who love animals and would like to help out at Raystede by working with animals for a day. Typical activities include dog walking and training; cat socialisation; pony grooming; tortoise bathing; guinea pig care; and habitat enrichment.


Venue: Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
Run by: The Raystede team
Dates + Times:
30 Oct, 11am-3pm
Ages: 13-17
Notes: Booking is essential.


What to expect: Children ages six and up can hand-build Christmas and/or Halloween decorations in clay. The clay work is to be painted at a later date once it’s been fired.

Image courtesy of Fire Works

Venue: Fire Works, Lewes
Run by: Eileen Kemp
Dates + Times: 29 Oct-1 Nov, 10.30am-12.30pm
Ages: 6-14
Price: £20 per session, including return visit for painting and firing


What to expect: Wilderness Wood is still open! And their offering is as wholesome as ever. An array of workshops and events this half term include: Bats and Broomsticks (wander through the wood collecting materials to make ghosts, bats, dreamcatchers, apple monsters and mini broomsticks); Chestnut Cakes and Plates  (mix up some delicious chestnut cakes and make a wooden plate from a piece of chestnut tree while you wait for them to bake); Make Room on the Broom (listen to Julia Donaldson’s stories around a campfire and then make a broom of your own); Forest School Halloween (enjoy a love of nature and all things green and orange!); Family Fungus Hunt (searching together for different colours, shapes and sizes of fungus); Castaway (join an expedition deep into the woods and build shelters from woodland materials); Where the Wild Things Are (recreating Maurice Sendak’s amazing story and making a Wild Thing of your own); Gruffalo! (search for the woodland monster and listen to the story on the magical secret path); and Woodland Baking (making traditional damper bread and cooking it on a campfire).

Image courtesy of Wilderness Wood

Venue: Wilderness Wood
Run by: Various – Wilderness Wood itself; Lucy’s Little Forest School; Cherry Wood Kids
Dates + Times: Various, please check the Wilderness Wood website
Age: Various, but there are events limited to aged 6+ and some (such as Gruffalo!) that are for all ages. Please check the Wilderness Wood website
Price: These also vary (sorry to be so non-specific, I think if I list all these details, this one entry in the post will be enormous!)


What to expect: As part of THE BIG DRAW, the newly-reopened Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft is holding a small workshop for older children wanting to ‘imagine a gallery totally designed and created by them’. The group will work as a team of curators, deciding what goes into the gallery. They’ll be the artists too and will draw or redesign favourite pieces from the museum’s collection. And then they’ll be an exhibition designer, working out where it all goes. Visitors will thereafter enjoy the exhibition for the rest of half term.

Image courtesy of Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft

Venue: Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft
Run by: Local artist Ruth Gaskell
Date + Time: 28 Oct, 10am-4pm
Age: 12+
Price: £20
Notes: There are only 13 spaces on this workshop. Booking is essential. Please bring a packed lunch.


What to expect: Eight-to-12-year-olds can learn about their favourite creepy pets. Led by the Raystede team, children get a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the centre and take part in packed days of adventure and fun.

Venue: Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare
Date + Time: 31 Oct, 10am-4pm
Age: 8-12
Price: Child, £15 (booking essential)
or more of what’s going on at Raystede during half term, see Play Farms + Animals below


What to expect: Ace musician Al Start has written this charming and gross story, which is illustrated by Chloe Batchelor. The duo are appearing at two local bookshops as part of THE BIG DRAW to read the story and lead children in the singing of songs and the scribbling of cartoons.

Bags of Books, Lewes; The Book Nook, Hove
Dates + Times: 26 Oct, 11am (Bags of Books); 28 Oct, 11am (The Book Nook)
£3 per child, siblings £5 total at Bags of Books; free at The Book Nook (no booking available)
For the Gorrid the Horrid show, which is touring the area during half term, see Shows


What to expect: Award-winning make-up artist Kate Griffiths, who has worked for the BBC and at West End theatres, takes older children on a journey into the world of TV and film special effects. Using everyday, easy-to-find household materials, children will learn how to create fake cuts, bruises, and amputated fingers as the perfect special effects look for their Halloween costume.

Image courtesy of Penshurst Place

Venue: Penshurst Place + Gardens
Run by: Kate Griffiths
Date + Time: 30 Oct, 9.30-11.30am
7+ (parents must be present or nearby on site)
Price: £10, including 10% discount on purchases made in The Porcupine Pantry
For more of what’s on during half term at Penshurst, see Places below


What to expect: A different creative activity every day for the week. These range from Paper Weaving a Basket to Mexican Day of the Dead Painting to Miniature World.

Venue: The Artworks Studio on Valley Road
Run by: Julie and Claire of The Artworks
Dates + Times: 28 Oct-1Nov, 10am-12.30pm
Ages: 5-12
Price: £10 per session


What to expect: To learn to create a stop-motion animated short film using a variety of playful objects. The workshop is inspired by the Omega puppet shows the Bloomsbury group held in London, as well as the Thai puppet in the Charleston studio and Roger Fry’s dolls house, which is in the collection at the V&A.

Image courtesy of Charleston

Venue: Charleston
Run by: Filmmaker Lee Shearman
Date + Times: 31 Oct, 10am-12pm and 12.30-2.30pm
£10 (booking essential as limited spaces)
For more information on and images of Charleston, see the Little Lewes posts about the recent Small Wonder Festival, and about picnicking there.

LEWES LEISURE CENTRE – Trampolining Courses + Roller Disco

What to expect: Three-day Trampolining Courses for Beginner and Intermediate Levels. Roller Disco is a family event and skates are available to hire for £2.

Image via

Dates + Times: Trampoline Beginners Course (5-8yrs): 30 Oct-1 Nov, 10-11am; Trampoline Intermediate Course (6-16ys): 30 Oct-1 Nov, 11am-12pm; Roller Disco: 26 Oct + 2 Nov, from 4pm + 30 Oct, 3-4.30pm
Ages: As above
Price: Trampolining courses: £13.35 for three days; Roller Disco, £3.25 per person + £2 skate hire if required


There are two workshops running at the OSC during half term. See their listing under Museums below for details. 



What to expect: Mohair is running its usual amazing array of activities this half term. They are adopting some adorable angora goat kids for the week and children will learn about and help to care for them. There will also be plenty of Halloween activities, including pumpkin carving, making masks and baking revolting treats. For more on Mohair, see my ‘Who, What and Where is Mohair?’ post.

Venue: Brickfield Farm, Chiddlingly, BN8 6JG
Dates + Times: 28 Oct-1 Nov. Day sessions: 10.30am-4.30pm; breakfast: 9-10.30am; teatime: 4.30-6pm
Ages: 5+
Price: Day, £24; breakfast, £4 p/h, teatime, £4 p/h


What to expect: Plenty of activities including swimming for all, arts and crafts, trampolining, dance and roller booting.
Dates + Times: 28 Oct-1 Nov, 10.30am-3.30pm
Ages: 8-12
Price: £6.70 for the day


What to expect: Team games, messy play, trampolining, acorn and conker hunts, den building and digging, baking, sun catcher making, and an autumnal fashion show!

Image courtesy of Lewes YMCA

Dates + Times: 28 Oct-1Nov, 8.30am-5.30pm. Half days available.
Ages: 3-11
Price: The day breaks down into slots: breakfast club (8.30-9.30am), £4; morning (9.30am-12.30pm) £10; lunch club (bring own packed lunch) £4 (or £2 if attending morning and afternoon); afternoon (1.30-4.30pm) £10; tea club (snack provided, 4.30-5.30pm) £4



ARUNDEL CASTLE – Norman Crusaders in The Keep

What to expect: Held in The Keep at Arundel Castle, the Raven Tor Living History Group reenacts life in the 12th Century. With combat, weapons, armour and craft displays, visitors can see what it was like living in a castle during the Norman Period. There are also demonstrations of preparations to leave and go on dangerous crusades…

Image courtesy of Arundel Castle
Copyright Eleanor Sopwith

Dates: 30 + 31 Oct
Price: £10 (includes entry to the Castle and Keep)

HERSTMONCEAUX CASTLE – Free Admission to Gardens and Grounds Weekend

What to expect: Free admission to the gardens and grounds of the castle before they close for the winter.
Horse and carriage rides (weather permitting. Adult £3; Child £1) and castle tours (subject to availability. Adult £2.50, child £1).

Image courtesy of Herstmonceux Castle
Copyright Will Gudgeon

Dates + Times: 26 + 27 Oct, 10am-4pm
Price: Free!

HEVER CASTLE – Go Batty Halloween Event

What to expect: Nine days of Halloween fun, with daily activities including: Pumpkin + Bat Trail (completed trailers get a ‘terrible’ treat); Halloween Cupcake Workshop in the Pavilion (£1.50 charge); Make a Bat Mask craft workshop in the Moat; Storytelling in the castle dining room (approx 45 minutes); the Bat Quiz around the castle.

Copyright Jean-Luc Bernard

Dates + Times: Daily, 26 Oct -3 Nov, at various times – please check the website for details
Most activities are free with the price of entrance to Hever. This is: Adult, £15; Conc, £12.75; Child (5-15); Family of four, £38.50. Those that are extra are indicated above


What to expect: There’s lots to educate, enthral and entertain both in town at Lewes Castle and Anne of Cleves, and further afield at their historical sister properties. In order of when they occur are: Roman Army Week at Fishbourne Roman Palace; Saxons vs Normans Family Tours at Lewes Castle; Tudor Tailor at Anne of Cleves House (try your hand at sewing, weaving and spinning); Hallowe’en at Michelham Priory (including Frank ‘n’ Stiltz walkabout, Horrible Halloweenies, Punch and Judy show, face painting (£2), art and craft, and more); Meet Lady Gundrada family tour at Lewes Castle.


Dates + Times: 28 Oct -31 Nov, please see website for which dates at which properties, and for the times of events. Halloween at Michelham Priory runs all day from 10.30am and includes different activities at different times throughout the day
Entry to each event is free with the price of admission. Please check the Sussex Past website entrance fees to each property


What to expect: So much! Learn to Bollywood dance, try on a sari and get a henna tattoo at Diwali (27 Oct, 1-4.30pm, Free, Brighton Museum + Dome Foyer) or explore the colour blue in celebration of Hove Museum’s Into the Blue exhibition with Blue Make and Do (3-8 years, 28 Oct, 10.30am-12.30pm + 1.30-3.30pm, Free, Hove Museum). How Does a Bee See? (8+, 29 Oct, 11am-12pm, £5, Hove Museum) is a tour of Into the Blue, with a bit of natural world factoid fun thrown in. Shades of Blue (8+, 1 Nov, 2-3.3pm, £5, Hove Museum) is an art workshop using birds and beasts of Into the Blue as inspiration. Everything happening at the museums is here.

Image courtesy of the Royal Pavilion + Museums, Brighton + Hove

Dates + Times: Various, all listed above
Price: Diwali and Blue Make and Do, free; How Does a Bee See? and Shades of Blue, £5, or £4 for members (both bookable in advance)
Website: Visit or click here to be taken straight to full details of all the events

See Activities + Workshops above


What to expect: Everything from atoms to astrophysics! Each day will have a different theme, with a few surprises along the way. If the sun shines the OSC hopes to use the Solar Scope and Sun Spotter… Daily, there will be: Telescope Tours (11am + 1pm) will end with an activity using the ray box to explore Light Paths. Then there’s Science Busking with Thermal Imaging Cameras (26 + 27 Oct, 2 + 3 Nov); EYU Investigates activity drop-in (29 + 30 Oct, 12-2pm); Meet-the-Expert ‘Rocket Rocks’ (31 Oct – a drop-in focusing on meteorites, asteroids and comets); Light Up the Dark (1 Nov, 12-2pm) activity drop-in; Halloween Special (26 Oct, 6.30-11pm, one child free with every adult; Halloween activities optional, £1 per child aged 2+) which is an open evening with a spooky twist; Zany Zone drop-in (28 Oct 11am-4pm, addition £1 per child aged 2+); Open Evening (2 Nov, 6.30-11pm)

Dates + Times: Various, see above
Price: Free with entry to the Centre, unless indicated above. Adult, £8.80; Conc, £6.90; Child (4-16), £6.60; Family of four, £27.20. All prices include Gift Aid
Extras to note: 
There are workshops being held during half term for older children. These are: Eyes on the Universe (29 Oct, 10.30am-1pm + 2-4.30pm, age 6+) and Earth and Beyond Twilight Special (30 Oct, 2-8pm, age 9+). It is essential to pre book both, as workshops are cancelled if less than six children book.


NYMANS – Tree-mendous Trees + Family ARTventures

What to expect: Throughout half term there’s a special Tree-mendous Trees Explorer Trail (follow to find clues and collect a prize), as well as one of Nymans’ wonderful Family ARTventures activity weekends in the Potting Shed in early November. This one has an autumn theme of trees and woodland animals.


Dates + Times: Tree-mendous Trees Explorer Trail: 26 Oct-3 Nov; Family ARTventures: 2 + 3 Nov, 10.30am-3.30pm
Price: Tree-mendous Trees sheet and prize: £2; ARTventures is included in the normal admission fee: Adult, £10.50; Child, £5.50; Family (1 adult, 3 children), £15.50; Family (2 adults, 2 children), £25.50. All prices include Gift Aid

BORDE HILL – Spooky Family Fun and Bat Encounters 

What to expect: This enchanting garden, which I am so late posting on but went to and adored in the summer, hosts all sorts of brilliant events this half term. There are Dragon and Pumpkin Trails; a Witches House of Treats; a Ghost Tent; Face Painting; Art and Craft; Storytelling and Wand-Making. At Late Night Opening there’s a Pumpkin-Carving Competition (bring your own tools). The Bat Encounter with Sussex Bat Group is for all ages. Three species of bats are shown to small groups – the talk is 20 to 30 minutes. 

Image courtesy of Borde Hill

Dates + Times: Halloween events: 23 Oct-3 Nov; Storytelling + Wand-Making, 26 Oct 2-3pm, 27 Oct 12-1pm, 2 + 3 Nov, 2-3pm; Bat Encounter, 27 + 30 Oct, 2.30-4pm; Halloween Late Night Opening, 30 Oct, 4-7pm; Storytelling for Younger Visitors, 31 Oct, 10.30-11.30am; Art and Craft, 2 Nov, 10am-5pm (book this session on entry to the Garden – spaces are limited)
Price: All events are included in the admission fee: Adult, £8; Child (over 3s), £5; Family, from £22

GROOMBRIDGE PLACE – Halloween Events for Half Term

What to expect:  A daily programme of events including: All Day Arts and Crafts Workshops (decorate your own mask, witches/wizards hats, or Halloween decorations); Trick or Treat GameshowHalloween Nerf Wars! (get ready and into squad position!); Creepy Crawly Encounters (meet at 12ft snake and hold a tarantula!); Birds of Prey Display; and Sockette Trick or Treat Puppet Show (an interactive show with brilliant characters).


Dates + Times: Events run daily, 26 Oct-3 Nov at the following times: All Day Arts and Crafts Workshops: 11am-4.30pm; Trick or Treat Gameshow: 11am + 2pm; Halloween Nerf Wars!: 12pm + 3pm; Creepy Crawly Encounters: 12pm + 3pm; Birds of Prey Display: 12.30pm + 3.30pm; and Sockette Trick of Treat Puppet Show: 1pm + 4pm
Price: All activities are free with the price of admission: Adult, £8.95; Conc, £7.45; Child (3-12), £7.45; Family (2 adults, 2 children), £29.95

PENSHURST PLACE – Slugs and Snails and Not-Too-Scary Storytelling

What to expect: All sorts, including: Gargoyles and Pumpkin Trails (uncover secret Halloween trails while exploring Penshurst, discovering the gargoyles that lurk in the grounds, or the friendly pumpkins in the popular pumpkin hunt); Craft Activities (make a witch on a broomstick, or create a special dragon, bat or cat Halloween mask); Not-Too-Scary Storytelling (perfect for younger visitors or those who like to be only a little bit scared!).


Dates + Times: Gargoyles and Pumpkin Trails: 26 Oct-3 Nov, daily, 10.30am-6pm; Craft Activities: 26 Oct-3 Nov, daily from 12-4pm; Not-Too-Scary Storytelling: 31 Oct, 2pm, 2.45pm + 3pm
Price: All activities are included in the price of admission: Adult, £10; Child (5-16), £6.50; Family of four, £28; Family of three, £24


BLACKBERRY FARM – Half Term Halloween Fun week

What to expect:
* Clucky’s Pumpkin Barn (the play barn decked out in Halloween gubbins)
* Bam Bam the ‘pumpkin pony’ posing for photos
* Pony rides (4+) on fancy dressed steeds
* Pumpkins for sale
* Prizes for the best fancy dress
* Trick or treat hunts
* Cookie decorating
* Face painting (when available)
* Ghostly tractor rides
* Animal handling and egg collecting as usual


Dates + Times: 26 Oct-2 Nov, 10am-4pm
Price: 26 Oct: Adult, £7.50; Child (1+) £7; 27 Oct-2 Nov: Adult, £6.50; Child (1+) £6


What to expect:
* Haunted Heights – the ‘terror-tory’ of the ‘sin sisters’ who play hide and seek with you…
* Spooky Happenings – knock on the trapdoor for a ‘spook-tacular’ surprise…
* Mummy Mayhem – enter the old temple ruins and unravel the mystery of the mummy
* Creepy Crawly Encounters – go to the Discovery Centre to meet amazing mini monsters (11am-4pm)
* Scooby-Doo! – meet the crime solving doggy (30 Oct only)
* The Wicked Wacky – the Wacky Workshop has been transformed into a den for making creepy creations

Dates + Times:
All day, 26 Oct-2 Nov, 10am-4pm (last admission time, park is open until 5pm)
Price: Adult, £16.99; Child (2+), £16.99; Family of four, £63.99. Book online to save money

GODSTONE FARM + PLAYBARN – Spooktacular Halloween

What to expect:
* Potions party cabin
* Carve a pumpkin (additional fees apply)
* Hunt the trolls in the Troll Quiz (additional fees apply)
* Eerie den building
* Ghoulish face painting (additional fees apply)
* Spooky Face-in-the-Hole board 
* Best-Dressed competition
* Free tractor rides for those in fancy dress

Dates + Times: 25 Oct-3 Nov, 10am-5.30pm
Price: Adult, £6.25; Child (2-16) £6.25; Under 2s, £2.25; Under 1s, free


What to expect: A daily programme including: Storytelling (relaxing stories for under 7s); Prickly Pictures (collect autumn leaves then head to the yurt to collage your own hedgehog); Wildlife SOS (settle in to the Den for an afternoon of movies made at Raystede, including behind-the-scenes footage at their wildlife hospital); Hog Heaven (a rare chance to get close to these shy creatures – spaces are limited, so sign up at Reception on arrival).


Dates + Times: Daily, 28 Oct-1 Nov; Storytelling: 11am; Prickly Pictures: 12pm; Wildlife SOS: 1pm; Hog Heaven: 2pm;
Note: There are also workshops going on at Raystede for older children. See Activities and Workshops above.

SPRING BARN FARM – Halloween Fun on the Farm

What to Expect:

* SBF pumpkin fest
* Creepy carver competition
* Putrid pumpkin quest
* Spot the spooks trail
* Storytime (spooky, not scary!)
* Fang-tastic food and drink

Image courtesy of Spring Barn Farm

Dates + Times: 26 Oct-3 Nov, 10am-5.30pm
Price: Adult, £7.50; Child, (2-14), £6.50; Family (2 adults, 2 children), £26

WASHBROOKS FAMILY FARM – Spellabration Spooky Half Term Fun

What to expect:
* Free lucky dip for everyone in fancy dress
* Cuckoo in the nest
* Free entry to prize draw
* Halloween special menu
* Art activity packs


Dates + Times: Daily during half term week
Price: Adult, £6.50; Conc, £5.50; Child (over 3), £5.50; Family of four, £20


BLUEBELL RAILWAY – Kids for a Quid

What to expect: As a special offer for the autumn half term, the beautiful, historic steam locomotives of the Bluebell Railway will run on the Service Two timetable from Sheffield Park to East Grinstead. The Sussex landscape the line runs through will be ablaze with autumn colour!


Dates + Times: 26 Oct-3 Nov + every Nov weekend until the 30th. Departing Sheffield Park: 9.45am, 11am, 12.15pm, 1.30pm, 2.45pm, 4pm, 5.15pm. Departing East Grinstead: 10.45am, 12pm, 1.15pm, 2.30pm, 3.45pm, 5pm, 6.30pm
Price: Adult, £13.50; Child, £1 on the Bluebell Bonus ticket. These must be booked up to the close of business (6pm) the day before travel. Call 01825 720 800 to book

What to expect: The dear Lavender Line is running a steam day, with unlimited rides from platform 2 behind a heritage steam engine at Isfield Station.

Image via

Dates + Times: 27 Oct, 11am-4.30pm (every half hour)
Price: Adult, £9; Concs, £7; Children (3-15), £6, Family of four, £28

SPA VALLEY RAILWAY – Autumn Tints Specials
What to expect: Take in the sights of the autumnal Wealden countryscape aboard a Spa Valley steam train. The line runs between Tunbridge Wells West and Groombridge. Tickets entitle you to unlimited travel all day.

Image via
Copyright Ashley Giles

Dates + Times:
31 Oct + 1 Nov. Departing Tunbridge Wells West: 10.50am, 12.15pm, 2.15pm, 3.30pm; Departing Groombridge: 11.25am, 1pm, 2.50pm, 4pm
Adult, £8; Senior, £7; Child, £4; Under 2s, free; Family of four, £21

Disclosure: After receiving information from several of the above individuals and places about half term events, I decided to put together a post about everything going on in the area. I am keen for Little Lewes not to become a listings service, so in doing this post I am by no means promising that one like it will appear every holiday or half term! I have also not received any financial compensation for including any of the above companies or individuals. I have, however, been offered some free tickets for my family and I to go to several events by way of a thank you for including people and places in this post. These are gratefully received.

Little Lewes cannot be held responsible for disappointment as a result of misinformation. All details in this post have come direct from information published by the companies and individuals themselves. All information is applicable to half term October/November 2013.

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