Little Lewes in a Little Hibernation

Friends and followers, forgive me. I’ve decided to go in to hibernation. So this is my last post of 2013.

I am taking two or three months off from Little Lewes. I want to spend the holidays enjoying my children and a very special family event that’s coming up in January. All without distraction.

Wikipedia Elsa Beskow
Detail from an Elsa Beskow book. Image via

I already have posts planned for early next year, that I’ve committed to writing. And there will be one post in January on my top three things to do in the rain, wind, ice and snow (basically winter). Little Lewes will be back!

In the meantime, please hit ‘follow’ to the right if you’d like to be updated when things start rolling again.

I also microblog at Facebook, where there are almost-daily updates of things spotted around Lewes, ideas for things to do, upcoming events, and more. There notices about lots of Christmas happenings going out daily at the moment.

To stay in the loop, head to and hit ‘Like’.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for all your support of Little Lewes. I’m touched by the following it now has, and by your kind comments. I have loved writing it and photographing for it. And I’ve loved meeting so many people who do so many nice things for and with children, in and near Lewes.
Elsa Beskow Christmas image, via

But best of all, I’ve loved creating a record to remind me of time spent with my boys over the past few months. I just hope in the meantime it’s been useful to you, too.

And so to wishing all Little Lewes’s readers all good things for a magical Christmas and New Year.

Until the next time!

Kate x


While I’m off, I am open to guest posts by other bloggers or people who would like to share experiences they’ve enjoyed with their families. Referral to your own site/blog would of course happen! Please get in touch through the blog if you have an idea and we can have a chat.

Note that this is not an invitation for companies or attractions looking to promote their services to do a post – it’s for bloggers and parents, and guest posts will only be published if I feel they have something useful to say to my readers.

Anything going on my blog would be read and edited by me to retain the Little Lewes style – this includes images. Also, please note I do not publish posters on Little Lewes.

Thank you to my friend Flora for the great suggestion to invite guest posts!

P.S. Here’s my final tip: take a Nurofen when you go to bed. My friend H claims it rids you of the hangover you know you deserve. I’ve tried it. So far, so good.

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