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Hi there and I hope you’re well. Still on ma blogging break and enjoying it a little too much. I’m calmer and stiller and it’s great. The sun’s out and Friday marks the start of the holidays. Booyakasha.

I know I pledged silence, but I thought I’d share some of what I’ve read since stopping writing. This is kind of copying something that my favourite blog Cup of Jo does every Friday to see its readers into the weekend, and share some things I’ve been reading from around the web.

The first comes from the Cup of Jo blog itself, an excellent ‘motherhood mantra‘ from actress Amy Poehler’s memoir ‘Yes Please’. Thank you Amy, got it in one!

Time. Isn’t it a weird, weird thing? Über letterer and illustrator Jessica Hische shares how she structures her working day and deals with the dreaded email in her Productivity Quest posts – Administrative Mondays and going to a WiFi-free zone to answer emails… Genius.

I’m not 40 yet, still a coupla years to go, but by jove this post spoke to me. I read it a least once a week and had a conversation with one my clients last week, age 29 and freaking out about moving into her thirties, about why 30 (and the subsequent years that start with a 3) really do rock. If nothing else because they lead to 40, and because with every passing year comes more self-assurance and comfort in one’s own skin. If you read only one link on this post, make it this one and then high-five yourself for being kickass.

This excerpt from an essay JG Ballard wrote for Vogue in 1977 thrilled me and made me feel sick with anxiety at the same time. He predicted social media and reality television and some of what he says here is why I’m thinking of stopping writing this blog. Fascinating. (And I picked this up from an excellent newsletter of ‘interesting designish links’ by Daniel Benneworth-Gray. Subscribe here.)

Proof that people still read books (and how good do they look doing it too?).

Have you watched Catastrophe yet? If not, rectify that now and then come back and read the rest of this post. Co-writer and star Rob Delaney (AKA “the funniest man on Twitter”) wrote this great piece entitled ‘Men/Boys/Kissing’ – it won’t gross you out, it’ll make you laugh (and sigh with happiness that we’re in the generation we are and our guys are dads like this). Especially poignant if you’re a mother of a boy or two.

Finally, a moving essay by Paul Kalanithi, a young American surgeon who passed away earlier this month having battled metastatic lung cancer. I came to this because he was the brother-in-law of Joanna Goddard, who writes Cup of Jo. He writes about time and the way it warps. If you don’t have time to read it all, scroll to the bottom and let the last three paragraphs live with you – important perspective-building stuff.

Coming up next, a new ‘make’ from Julie and Clare of The Artworks, the creative holiday workshops that take place in Lewes. When this goes live over the next couple of days they’ll probably book up fast, so head over to to book workshops running Tuesday to Thursday next week. 

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