A Lewes legstretch on a rainy day


Hasn’t the weather been appalling over half term? OK, not so much the past couple of days but last Monday specifically?

The cabin fever became too much for us, so we hoiked ourselves into waterproofs and walked into town. I kept being asked: ‘Where are we going?’. ‘Nowhere,’ was the answer. ‘We’re just walking.’

Anyway, I bumped into about five different people who grumbled about the weather and how impossible it is being stuck indoors with small children, all of us seething at Monkey Business being the only solution.


Then I stumbled – literally – across an alternative possibility: Market Tower on Market Street. You know, where the Lewes Food Market is held on a Friday? It’s seeped in history, though not glamorous and there’s nowhere to sit. But for running? Out of the rain? Perf.

Watching my kids, this provides apparently endless entertainmentarches to chase each other through and hide from each other behind. Echoey ceilings for bouncing their own voices around.

We were there (probably pissing loads of people walking by off) for about an hour.


Then home for tea, exhausted. Pha-yew.

And what’s in it for you? An opportunity to talk to your friend uninterrupted (always a priority), a café through one entrance for hot tea (you know, the little sandwich bar just there on Market Street), and a public loo out the other.

BOSH! Job done.

(N.B. bear in mind that there are roads both sides of this ‘amusement’, so keep your eagle eye on them).


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