Observations from a walk home

For the first time ever today, I attempted two boys on scooters at the same time. I had my hands very full with a defiant toddler and a five-year-old almost rabid with cabin fever thanks to four days in the house with chickenpox. I admit it, I was irritated and scratchy for much of the time. But the frustration flares were tempered with a few things realised on the windy, sun-dappled walk home.

1) Observing them from afar is often the best way. Locked in their own world, with no adult intervention and up to their own devices (which are probably no good). It’s also literally the only way to get any peace.

photo 1


2) There is little point in writing this damn blog because all any child in Lewes really wants to do is run/scoot up and down the ramp outside Tesco. That’s the truth, right there.

photo 3

3) It is near impossible to carry two scooters up and over a bridge with a wriggling toddler on your shoulders without having hideous visions of them jumping off your shoulders and into the water. I had to really work at not losing my sh*t. But my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Ouse sparkling in the sunshine – both at its beauty and with my continued disbelief that it actually runs about two minutes’ walk from my house.

(P.S. Spot the cygnets – I don’t think there’s anything ugly about them, they are so fluffy and cute and besides, they’re my favourite colour (grey)).

photo 2

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I’m Kate, a copywriter, brand consultant and editor who creates messages that are clear and clean. I create these for brands and agencies both big and boutique, in areas including design, homes and interiors, travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, and kids and families. I believe clear, clean messages bolster brands and businesses. They evoke emotion and ignite inspiration, and when written well, they’re easier to absorb – and respond to. I live in Copenhagen and am half-English, half-Danish. I write as comfortably in American English as in British, and behind the scenes I'm also studying Danish. Need help getting your message out? Contact me.

4 thoughts on “Observations from a walk home

  1. Oh so true about Tesco’s ramp. Although my children also love the sloping path round the back of Tesco next to the skate park.

    Really enjoying your more regular posting.

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! I have been worrying it might be a bit annoying to subscribers… Kate x

  2. Hi,
    Following your blog, we are are moving to lewes in August from London. Have 2 boys myself, 4 years and 6 month so can’t wait to explore the town! Have bought a house in south malling, so might see you around!!!
    Gugge ( Danish)

    1. Velkommen til Lewes, Gugge! Jeg er halvt Dansk…

      You will love it here (when we moved here it was between here and Copenhagen as it happens!). Hope to bump into you indeed. You will be near a nice school in S Malling. Do email if there’s anything you need a hand with.


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