Sweet things for Father's Day at Bonne Bouche, Lewes


One last Father’s Day post and then I’ll pipe down. As I walked past Bonne Bouche on Monday and saw this notice, I was reminded that a box of beautifully packaged chocs from the beautifully packaged Bonne Bouche, all chosen by the children, could be a beautiful thing.

This advice comes with a WARNING: your kids will OF COURSE be more interested in what you’re going to reward them with for towing the line and choosing something for dad. So you will have to do much of the choosing yourself. And then you’ll have to reward yourself for doing it. Calories for all!

Here’s the original Little Lewes post about Bonne Bouche, including pictures of the selection available so you can start dreaming about what you’re going to pick right away: In Town: Bonne Bouche, Lewes.

Have fun!


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