Celebrating the sunshine with Sanna Annukka

'Toteemi' the newest Sanna Annukka that I am obsessing over
‘Toteemi’ the newest Sanna Annukka that I am obsessing over
Image via sanna-annukka.com

The sun is SHINING, but I’m stuck indoors working (or work evading by writing this post). So today has got to be about print and pattern. It’s got to be about Sanna Annukka, a textile designer and print maker who lives in Brighton. As a half-Dane, I’m irresistibly and unflinchingly drawn to the shapes, motifs and simplicity of Scandinavian textile, surface and pattern design. This is one big reason why I’m so in love with Sanna’s work – she is half-Finnish and everything she touches is imbued with the landscapes, animals, mythology and magic of the Nordic countries.

Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Fir Tree’, illustrated by Sanna Annukka
Image via illustrationfriday.com
One of my (many) favourite images from 'The Fir Tree' Image via playingbythebook.net
One of my favourite spreads from ‘The Fir Tree’
Image via playingbythebook.net

I have consistently coveted Sanna’s work – both for my kids and for myself – for at least 10 years­ and have a small but treasured collection of her pieces. Two years ago, I received Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Fir Tree’ for Christmas from a great friend. This was illustrated by Sanna and was one of THE gifts to give that year. Three birthdays back, Himself also gave me a print that I had loved for the longest time and that still gives me so much pleasure. For Father’s Day that same year I gave him the totemic Aurinko tea light holders (still in her website’s ‘Products’ section and a gift idea you’re welcome to pinch!). As you’ll know if you’ve read my post about the new Lewes shop Popsicle, these were secretly for me.

My ‘Spirits of the North’ print by Sanna Annukka
Image via nestify.com
The Aurinko tea light holders by Sanna Annukka
Image via sanna-annukka.com

When we had our children, my husband and I consciously decorated their bedrooms not to be for babies – or even for boys, you know how I feel about all that. We sourced furniture and fabrics that had the potential to work until they leave home (not that they are EVER going to do that). Although one has curtains made from a very Marimekko-esque print by IKEA, and the other from a fabric by Linda Sjunnerson at Hus + Hjem, what I would have wanted if I’d had pockets full of gold was real, bonafide Marimekko. And more than that, something of Sanna’s for the textile brand.

Yesterday we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing about what she’s created for Autumn/Winter 2014. A little odd to think about the leaves turning gold and snow on the ground when the sun’s out in full glory, but these shapes and colours are joyous whatever the time of year. I had to share.

My, my, my, what I wouldn’t give to fill my boys’ rooms with floor cushions and curtains in these incredible palettes and shapes. Come on, let’s lust over it together a while, shall we?

Autumn/Winter 2014 for Marimekko
Image via sanna-annukka.com
‘Toteemi’, another design for A/W ’14
Image via sanna-annukka.com
A tea towel of Sanna’s ‘Kukkuluuruu’ design inspired by the animals of Scandinavia for A/W ’14
Image via sanna-annukka.com
More ‘Kukkuluuruu’ for A/W ’14
Image via sanna-annukka.com
In order to indulge in this design deliciousness, I will be thinking about removing my kids’ autumnal favourite, toad in the hole, from the oven with that bear mitt
Image via sanna-annukka.com
I can’t mention the C-word in June, but here’s a sneak peek at Sanna’s ‘Lamppupampula’ design (which she explains means ‘lantern pom-poms’) for that over-indulgent season that wears us all out at the year’s end
Image via sanna-annukka.com

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One thought on “Celebrating the sunshine with Sanna Annukka

  1. I love The Fir Tree cover. I have never seen the illustrations inside though, now I really want to.

    I am loving all your posts at the moment. I may have said out loud “Ohhh Tuesday is Dray day” when I saw it go past in Lewes yesterday. Which would have been better if the kids were with me!

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