Three annual markers courtesy of The Grange, Lewes

photo 1

Yes, yes, I’m back on the subject of Southover Grange Gardens. I promise that I will not post endless pictures of planted beds all summer long, tempted as I am to.

But there are three markers in my year when it comes to the Grange:

1) When the tea hatch opens (scrap that, this is one of the most IMPORTANT MOMENTS in my year, actch)

2) When the giant magnolia tree blooms by said hatch

3) When the dahlias are planted on the other side of the Knot Garden wall


So number one happened back in I think March, April or May (sorry not to be specific, but time is totally unquantifiable when you have small children in your life. I know you know what I’m talking about).

Number two AND number three happened end of last week/beginning of this (sorry not to be specific etc etc…see above).

The magnolia tree could by now be in full bloom, but when I saw it there were two big creamy flowers just opening. Those flowers, when they’ve unfurled, are just SO enormous and SO amazing. I’m not saying make a special trip to see them, I’m just saying look up mid-Mini-Milk-wrapper-removal, because you’ll love them.

photo 1

The dahlias are everything about neon colours in nature that is pure and brilliant. (And FYI there is a point when they are removed from the ground and laid out on the grass for anyone to take. If you spot a Grange gardener, ask them when this happens.)

photo 2

Here’s a question for you now: are there too many Little Lewes posts coming into your inbox these days? Are they good/enjoyed or bad/irrelevant? Let me know in comments below. I’m a big girl and I won’t be upset. Promise.

photo 2
Here’s some very neat new planting to finish on…

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10 thoughts on “Three annual markers courtesy of The Grange, Lewes

  1. Hi there, I love receiving your little lewes posts. We are thinking of moving to lewes so getting a frequent insight is really helpful. Once living there, I’d probably only want to receive them once a week….but for now they give me ideas for places to explore and things to do each time we visit. Keep them coming!

    1. Thank you for the feedback Sarah! I don’t think there is a way of rolling all the posts into one email a week. In truth I may not be able to keep going with the energy of this month – it’s a lot of work and at the moment I don’t earn anything from it. You’ll see from my archives that it has been as little as one a month in the past! Good luck moving to Lewes if you decide to. x

  2. Hello. I have only just discovered you via Facebook (Playground Magazine shared your article on Littlehampton which caught my eye), but I am really enjoying receiving and reading these posts. I live in Crowborough, and love visiting Lewes and the surrounding area, so it’s always great to have recommendations for things to do with young children. For what it’s worth, the site and your photos are lovely too. And I cannot wait to get back to Southover Grange Gardens to check out those dahlias! Thank you xx

    1. Thank you Cara! We moved here from Tonbridge, so the path between there and Lewes through Crowborough is well beaten by us! That’s why there is a fair amount in Kent-based stuff such as Bedgebury Pinetum and Groombridge Place on here. I’m glad you’re finding it useful! And good to know that Caroline is posting Little Lewes stuff on her Playground Facebook page, that’s very nice of her! Yes, do enjoy the dahlias! x

      1. Great stuff, it’s great to have so many ideas with the summer holidays coming up. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Really enjoy your blogs. Being a ‘Granny’ with 11 month old to entertain 3 afternoons a week, I find your suggestions etc. really useful. I love the Grange gardens and took my daughters there when we first moved to Lewes in 1976! The first person I got chatting to was Moya Tomlinson (Sir John had just started his first season at Glyndbourne …) and she made me feel very welcome in Lewes. My girls loved the Grange, performing open air Shakespeare there, getting married there and now playing with baby there. It has been a time line for our family and still as lovely as ever. Annoyingly, the new registry office set up will not be ready until later next summer – just too late for second daughter to get married there. So, still very happy to read your posts and pictures about such a magical place. Do keep sending your splendid info. about toddler attractions, near and far!

    1. Lynn I adore this comment! Thank you! One thing I never wanted Little Lewes to be was something that was only used by mums. It was entirely intended to be for dads and for grandparents, carers, aunts, uncles, and even people without children. I love the idea of you being in these places where you were with your own children, now with your grandchildren. I wonder if I will be the same with my two sons’ children one day! The Grange is very special to so many people, and it must be extra special to you! I will ensure there are lots of toddler tidbits – my second boy is only just two, so I’m always on the hunt. Have you heard of Lunch Bunch, which is a playground (including lunch) that happens in Southover Church I think on a Thursday? Apparently a lot of grandparents go with their grandchildren. I have never been. Also I used to go to the Toy Library in the little back room at the All Saints on Wednesdays 10am-12 noon and always loved it. You can rent toys for 50p, or just go and play there and it’s a compact and safe space. Useful when they are roaming! Thank you again for your wonderful comment! Kate x

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