Home again to little Lewes

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Well we are back. On the floor with jet lag, but back nonetheless. Three weeks is a long time, you feel like you’ve been away for three years, and it feels like there’s so much time ahead of you no matter how many days have already passed. Then all of a sudden you’re in the final week and after 18 days of blue skies and blazing sunshine, it’s drizzling. And you find yourself actually ready (would you believe) to go home.

photo 3

But we loved West Coast living. The boys marvelled at alien jellyfish and fell in love with the same white beluga whales I watched in an aquarium show as a child; we cycled the same seawall I did on a tandem with my dad as a little girl. They mastered swimming, and the older one sea kayaking. They ran naked in almost untouched meadows on remote islands, made toys of driftwood, and rock pooled for fat purple starfish. I locked eyes with a wolf on a lonely run one morning – and turned and ran more than a touch faster to get home. My older son and I had a sort-of conversation with a wild seal.

photo 3

The older boy whispered ‘I love you Canada’ as we boarded our flight home. But still, we were ready to come back to pretty little Lewes.

More posts soon – we’ve already had a new adventure since we got back that I am itching to share. Just bear with me as we readjust to BST.

Meantime, I hope you’re all having super summers. Aren’t you dreading the start of school? I can’t quite bear that I have to think about shopping for small boring black shoes.

So here’s a few indulgent pics before I deal with all that… (And lucky for you my phone was scammed from me by a drug-addled hobo four days in, or this post would be a good deal more indulgent than this).

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

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