RAIN! Wet Weather Things to Do With Kids in and Near Lewes

Rain – it doesn’t always have to mean Monkey Bizness…

The blog has been silent for a week, which these days is a bit unusual. You’re probably not wondering why, but I’ll tell you anyway: it’s because it’s raining. Yes, I am one of those people who becomes quite severely demotivated in every way by wet weather, so no, I am not that suited to living in England. And I’m probably not that suited to writing a ‘things to do’ blog either.

But anyway, I’m here and I have to deal with it, as do you. And according to The Independent today, we are really in for it this week (but then it’s going to massively improve at the weekend). So let’s get started on ways to get the kids out of the house, so that we don’t all get too scratchy with them, shall we?

Rottingdean beach, the blog post about which over at simonscottlandscaping.co.uk inspired this post…

By the way, this post is transparently influenced by one I read yesterday by my friend Sophie’s at simonscottlandscaping.co.uk, in which she waxed extremely lyrically about heading to the beach in the wet weather. The post was entitled ‘Seaward Weekend – Delights of the East Sussex Landscaper‘.

Lewes Castle, with its little museum, towers, views and treasure chests of dressing up clothes is a good rainy day option, although be careful on all those stairs!

Last year, I wrote a couple of posts about things to do with kids in these parts when it’s raining, and they’re included in the list below. (This was supposed to be a series of three posts, but ended up being two because I forgot about the third, which was meant to be Lewes Castle – one of my top things to do in the rain in Lewes with kids. I’ll need to write that post soon I guess!).

But after reading Sophie’s post, I thought I would lump a couple of beaches in with my wet weather advice. Because I think she’s right, rainy days at the beach can be a ‘rich bed of colour, texture, and reflection’ and are what waterproofs are made for. I haven’t done a post yet on Brighton Marina, but last winter it was indeed somewhere we headed once or twice in the drizzle, just as Sophie did with her family last weekend. The marina wall is perfect for a bike ride or scoot and there are a clutch of chain restaurants there to retreat to if it becomes too much. So add that one to your list…


Meantime, each of the pictures below can be clicked on to link to a previously-written post about something to do in the rain. I would also like to tell you that there is a post on Sheffield Park waiting in the wings, but we did it the weekend before last on that dazzling Sunday and I have not wanted to depress you. I might just have to share it in the next couple of days though in anticipation of this weekend – just as a way of adding a bit of light to our week.

Until then try some of the following on for size…

1) Exploring the strange and the stuffed at The Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton, followed by a play at Dyke Road playground (if there’s a break in the downpour) and lunch at The Cow nearby.



2) Keeping it local (and simple) with a short run about at Market Tower in Lewes.


3) Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo for a play in the rain at Drusilla’s Park, near Lewes, where a new Hello Kitty attraction for toddlers now resides.



4) Heading for a blustery bike ride and beach comb at Rottingdean.


5) Biking beneath the pines at Bedgebury National Pinetum + Forest.


6) Walking or biking to Cuckmere Haven (although the wind might be a bit much, in which case you could retreat to nearby Friston Forest…)


7) Cosying in the cinema at Duke of York’s or Dukes at Komedia in Brighton, where the Kids’ Club runs at weekends.

photo 1

8) Walking through the woods at Landport Bottom, where if it becomes too much you can easily retreat home!


Disclosure: No compensation, financial or otherwise, was offered or accepted for the writing of this post. It was inspired by being bored in the rainy weather!

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