Advent Calendar Ideas (Yes, Seriously) Inspired by Babycinno Kids

I’ve done it. I’ve said the C-word. Or at least insinuated it in this post’s title.

Although I take serious exception to being told mid-August by a catalogue that ‘it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas’ (because yes, yes it is), I accept that it’s late October and there’s about eight weeks to go until the big day. I aim to have the least stressful Christmas of my life this year, so I’m open to doing small things towards this end at this early point. Highly unlike me, but I even booked my Christmas delivery slot for my online food shop last weekend. So you can see where I’m going with all this.

Ferm Living calendar, where you wrap up little presents for each day… Available from
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With this in mind, I read a post about different ideas for advent calendars over at Babycinno Kids earlier this week. These do seem a nice alternative to a chocolate Peppa Pig version, which will only give my children the sugars at the very point I need to get them out the door, making the chance of being listened to (and my orders actioned) slimmer than ever.

I am not a crafter or baker – with or without my children – as those who read my post last Tuesday about just a few of my parental/life fails will know. But I think I could just about cope with some paper bags pinned to the stairs and filled with bits and bobs (although I would probably want to throw these things away within a couple of days of their being opened as one does all party bag inserts, so it seems quite extravagant).

Paper bag advent calendar
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I do like the post’s idea for a Christmas book advent calendar, though. You hide all the Christmas books you have in your house away (I’ve already collected mine and unbeknownst to me, we have seven of them), and then over the course of the year (or next eight weeks) invest in as many as you need to make up 24 Christmas-themed books. Then you wrap and number them (as below), so that each morning they unwrap one and each night you have a different Christmas story to read together. Expensive, but the post’s writer reasons that you will use them year after year, which I suppose is true.

My all-time favourite Christmas book for the illustrations alone, ‘Christmas’ by Dick Bruna

Also I bet there are a few Christmas books kicking around the charity shops of Lewes right about now. (Just FYI, Bags of Books rather cleverly doesn’t start decking its halls with Christmas books until after Bonfire – although they do already have some in stock – and I’m sure Waterstones has the same thoughts. Both will undoubtedly do lovely and inspiring displays once the time comes).

Anyway, race you to the Red Cross on Station Street…

Christmas book advent calendar idea from Babycinno’s Mo
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If I had the money, I’d also be tempted by the LED Christmas advent house below from John Lewis, which is pretty and plain by day and emits a glowy light by night and you justpop little things into each of its numbered drawers for the smalls to open. Again, expensive, but again I guess you use it year after year…


I also like these simple white and gold numbered tree decs for adding a chocolate or tiny gift to. To avoid having to get your tree too early, you could always string them along the underside of a mantlepiece. It’s highly likely to be possible to make something similar yourself (although sadly that does not apply to me. Having said that I am good at Danish Christmas hearts and our tree is covered in them every year, so perhaps I need to adapt this skill towards this end).


Smallable has the same idea with its Numero 74 Advent Calendar, but is for the lazies of us, including little gifts and sweets so that all you need to do is assemble the packages. Naturally you pay for the convenience though.


Great ideas, aren’t they? I’m keen to know if anyone out there has other simple ideas for an advent calendar? And I mean simple.

If so, share them with us in the comments…

Disclosure: No compensation, financial or otherwise, was offered or exchanged for the writing of this post. The craft ideas in this post are 100% the property of the bloggers at Babycinno, whose post I read earlier this week. The products from John Lewis and Smallable contain affiliate links. 

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9 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Ideas (Yes, Seriously) Inspired by Babycinno Kids

  1. LOVE these ideas… I have heard of people wrapping their favourite children’s books instead of christmas ones! (Not quite as festive but still great fun!) x

  2. Funnily enough I have been working on an advent calendar I will be selling at my shop next week. ALL children are crazy about stickers- so I have designed a sticker nativity advent calendar. (I am not religious- but I do think you have to agknowledge the feel good Christmas story).

    1. Will be looking out for the calendar on your site Leigh! Sounds a brilliant idea and I agree about the Christmas story – love it. x

  3. Oh how I love an advent calendar.

    My two have home made ones with pockets in the style of the top one in your post. This is a tutorial for the first one I made:

    I have a new tutorial planned for a week or so for this bunting style one. As we don’t need another this one is for sale in my Etsy shop

    This year I have purchased a Playmobil advent calendar so I can split the bits and pieces between the pockets of our two. Usually we include small gifts, chocolate coins on random days and notes with festive plans (write to Father Christmas, see Father Christmas, Christmas shopping, nativity, parties, make mince pies etc).

    1. Wow your crafting is amazing Kelly! I am very jealous and rather in awe of you. I’ll share your tutorial later for sure (it’s my son’s sixth birthday so I am stealing five minutes at the computer to read all the nice comments on this post!). Great idea about the Playmobil one too as it does all the shopping for you. Do love a short cut. x

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