Treats For us Girls – By Way of a Quest for a Nice Kids Christmas Jumper

My friend Jody and I have been worshipping these shoes for weeks. They are too pretty for words also come in black with silver sequins and diamonds. And they are flat (I do not do a heel, far too impractical for dancing – or walking for that matter)
Jewelled Pumps, were £129 – discounted until Sunday

In line with my plan to have the least stressful Christmas ever, I actually started Christmas shopping on Saturday. I am about halfway there and plan to have it all wrapped up – literally – by December 1st. So uncharacteristically organised!

Christmas jumpers are on the list for the boys – Little can inherit Big’s from the year before last, but Big needs a new one. We take a photo of them in front of the tree each Christmas to send out to our families, who are spread around the world. They’re not ‘Christmas jumpers’ Christmas jumpers though – no reindeer/snowmen or anything. They’re more Scandi fairisle types, so that they can be worn throughout winter, not just for Christmas.

I think this is the one for this Christmas!
Chunky Jumper, was £30-£35, discounted until Sunday

My quest for a good one that will be warm and long-lasting (you know how I feel about inherited clothing – although all wool must now live in vacuumed lavender-stuffed bags, thank you moths) lead me back to Boden and the above ‘Chunky Jumper‘ which Big would really suit. I know I have written about the benefits of buying Boden before, so I won’t go into it here.

I am not usually a Boden buyer for myself, but because of the aforementioned December 1st deadline, I did sneak a peek at the Christmas shop for possible presents, and found some things I would not only wear, but would really love (if I could afford to buy anything for myself right now, which I can’t – again, thank you moths).

Check out this lot and let your other halves or mothers (or children!) treat you for Christmas…

The ultimate Christmas jumper! Look at the picture of the girl in it in the button in the right bar – fabulous! This can only exist in my dreams because of the price tag, so if you buy it, send me a picture of you in it so I can be jealous
Sequin Cable Jumper, was £279, discounted until Sunday
Sequin. Pencil. Skirt. That is all
Party Pencil Skirt, was £99, discounted until Sunday
Flats again, but a bit more prim and proper. But still really nice
Flat T-Bar Points, were £69, discounted until Sunday
A purse to go in your bag, or a mini clutch in what are to me THE colours of Christmas
Zip Top Pouch, was £25, discounted until Sunday
A little coin purse in red leather and animal print. That’s a yes
Coin Purse, was £19, discounted until Sunday
These socks! It says a lot about my life that I get excited about knitted fairisle socks. There are three colour ways (the yellow are to die for) and I couldn’t decide which to put here
Festive Socks, were £25, discounted until Sunday
Good colour combo
Cosy Stitch Hat, was £19, discounted until Sunday
Orange is the colour of winter (or should be)
Cosy Stitch Snood, was £35, discounted until Sunday
Love the palette, love the pattern, love the faux fur, even love the pom poms (other colours also available)
Knitted Slippers, were £29, discounted until Sunday
Or if you want them super soft and pretty, they come in velvet (and various other colours)
Velvet Slippers, were £29, discounted until Sunday

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy anything from Boden having clicked through from Little Lewes, Boden will pay me a small commission. If enough of you do that, maybe I’ll be able to afford those shoes *smiley face*. The products selected in this post are entirely of my choosing and have not been influenced by Boden

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