Giving to Those Who Need it: Who to, How to and Where to Donate This Weekend in Lewes

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This weekend, the last before Christmas hits us next week, there are three ways, right on our doorstep, to easily and quickly donate food and clothing to people who really need it. I know it’s a very VERY busy time for everyone, but – phew – the end of school is now behind us and these causes would hugely benefit from an hour of your time spent sorting through clothing or your kitchen cupboards. If you can’t (and I know I can’t hence why I went to the Foodbank yesterday – see below), do head over to The UN Refugee Agency’s donation page – the charity that every penny Little Lewes makes during December is going to – even £5 makes a difference.




Yesterday I headed to Tesco with my youngest, where we raided the aisles with a £30 budget, to buy as much as we could to donate to the Lewes Foodbank.

The Foodbank is run by volunteers from a Lewes District Council office in Landport, Lewes, to help feed people who are referred to them by various agencies including GPs, Citizens Advice Bureau, Jobcentre and Housing Officers.

It is run on Mondays from 2-2.30pm, and this coming Monday is the last one this year – there won’t be one between Christmas and New Year, so it needs even more than usual, not only because it’s a special time of year, but because unusually, there won’t be one for two weeks.


The kinds of things that work well for the Foodbank are pasta, rice, tins of meat, veg, fruit, beans and soup; UHT milk; biscuits; savoury crackers; tea and coffee; and perishables such as apples and potatoes (but not things that can go off easily).

Toiletries are also needed – anything is welcome, but I bought Nivea face cream, a couple of tins of deodorant, face wipes, lip salve, and toothpaste. Loo paper and cleaning materials are always welcome too.

You don’t need to go and buy anything – raid your cupboards for what you don’t find you use. I did this as well as the shop, and ended up donating a total of five bags of stuff all in all. From my bathroom cabinet were unopened bottles of contact lens solution and other things I’ve never used. It was a good lesson for my youngest – to tell him that we needed not only to think about what to put on the Christmas list, but how we can help others with something as simple as food which, naturally, is completely taken for granted by he and his brother.

If you think you can get over to Landport on Monday morning to donate, please get in touch with Debbie, a volunteer who lives right next to it. She’s at (she’s away until Sunday night, so don’t worry if you don’t immediately hear back from her).

Otherwise the next one is on the 4th and they need donations, of course, year-round.




Alternatively, at Tesco, there’s a box just beyond the checkouts for collections for an organisation called FareShare. You can buy items and place them straight in there after you’ve paid, to be distributed to those who need it most.




I also received a flier though the door for a collection being co-ordinated by Best in Sussex of clothing for the refugees camping in Calais this winter. They are collecting this Sunday December 20 at Phoenix Place, near Pells Pool, BN7 2PT.

Collection is between 12 and 4pm, and they are looking for the following in good, clean condition – and nothing else please, as there isn’t the capacity for items not stipulated:


Waterproof walking boots – especially sizes UK 9-10
High ankle trainers – especially sizes UK 9-10
Trousers (size 28 and 30)
Waterproof trousers
Long-sleeved tops, jumpers and hoodies (sizes S + M)
Hats, gloves and scarves


Boots/shoes up to size 39 – no heels please
Warm, waterproof coats (S + M)
Waterproof trousers
Trousers such as jeans and tracksuit bottoms (S + M)
Long-sleeved tops, jumpers and hoodies (sizes S + M)


Mobile phones with prepaid credit
Sleeping bags and camping mats
Tents and tarpaulins (4-man tents or larger)
Waterproof, warm winter coats
Wind-up/solar torches and lanterns

If you have questions or need to get in touch, call the organiser on 07340 543 433.


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