Happy birthday to Little Lewes!


Well, I have been so busy dealing with my children’s chickenpox that I let my own blogging birthday slide without noticing. Motherhood, eh?

But it turns out I ignited Little Lewes one year and four days ago, on June 1st 2013, with the post ‘Welcome, hoped-for readers. It received a tiny but appreciated applause on Twitter as ‘a good idea’. This spurred me on.

An early version of a Little Lewes blog button…

Since then I have dabbled with weekly listings, nearly been killed by the world’s biggest school holiday clubs post, and have been moved by my readers’ support and comments as I de-friended Facebook (and as a consequence many of them too) just last week.

Throughout all this, Little Lewes has helped me see, through the eyes of my kids, the best of my town, even in the moments when I find it excruciatingly small and frustrating (in size and mind – forgive me this please, I grew up in a big city). And it has made me some valued new friends.

Anyway, to celebrate this little milestone, here are my six favourite posts of the past year (click on the pictures to be taken to the post) – and why I’ve chosen them.

‘One Enchanted Day at Groombridge Place’, for being the first post I did about a trip out of town – it’s still one of my favourite places to go for being so magical
‘Beachy Beauty: Normans Bay’, for reminding me of a day spent with a special friend and the remarkable moment when, as the tide went out, all my stress fell away
‘Our August’, for being the best reminder ever of a fabulous summer and my precious last month with both my boys at home before my older one started school
‘Rolling Along and Rockpools at Rottingdean’, for the images alone, and the memory of a newly-established family tradition in chip consumption
‘In Town: Bonne Bouche, Lewes’, for giving me an excuse to photograph the kind of chocolate shop I always hoped existed when I was little. And for showing that online shopping might be convenient, but it doesn’t match the real thing
‘Christmas Window Wonderlands in Lewes’, for summing up the utter magic of Christmas in Lewes for our lucky children – and the kindness of strangers

And that’s me off for a birthday tea party with these guys…


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3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Little Lewes!

  1. Happy birthday to Little Lewes — and its stars, both big and small — from the samurai of Japan. As a mighty warrior once said to me, “In springtime, the cherry blossom lands on a raindrop, but come summer, the nightingale sits upon a sword.” What this means, nobody knows.

    1. Thank you for making the birthday blogger smile and the unknowable birthday quote Samurai Charlie! It will be relayed to the big star! xxx

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