My Favourite 14 Posts for '14 – And Happy New Year!

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As we bid adieu to 2014, I’m sure we all feel contemplative. For me and my family it’s been a pretty good year, especially compared to 2013, which was pretty lousy. When I look back over this year’s Little Lewes posts, it reminds me of the fantastic things we’ve done. I feel so lucky to have my family, our health and our (general) happiness – and to live in this great little town.

Because it’s New Year’s Eve, I’m also reflecting on the blog. I sometimes think about shutting it down, then I look back over it as I did today, and feel pleased I’ve kept it going. It takes time, but not that much in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t draw my attention away from my children and husband, and that’s all that really matters. I get to flex my creative muscle in moments when my work might not be as fulfilling as I’d like. I get to interact with people who seem to like reading it, and that’s a nice feeling. And best of all, I have a visual  – and wordy! – diary of what my children and I have been up to.

So I’m rounding off the year with a look back at 14 posts – those I’ve enjoyed writing the most and those that have been the most challenging. I guess they’re the posts that have had the most impact on/for me this year. Each image clicks through to its full post.

Thank you again for reading Little Lewes. I hope you’ll stick with me into 2015.

Happy new year to you! x

Brighton’s Booth Museum of Natural History – and playground just opposite – as a brilliant rainy day option that we’ve done so many times, but that never fails to disappoint. Free and easy
photo 2
The magical Handmade House in Ditchling – wonderful for pottery birthday parties, a child-friendly option during the village’s artists’ open houses in May, or even a romantic weekend for two in the little cabin in the woods…
Our Matisse-inspired rise to the gauntlet laid down by Hattie Garlick over at Free Our Kids – via Chloe King at Gannet + Parrot – to bring a children’s book to life. I loved the results so much I framed them
A pretty perfect weekend of ‘camping with a kitchen’ at Mount Harry House near Lewes, where three families stayed in three bell tents with access to two yurts as living room and kitchen – and an outdoor DIY shower…
The follow-up post I wrote about my decision to leave Facebook in May, in which I included the film ‘Look Up’. These posts were not easy to write because of what caused me to leave – and what I discovered about Facebook via a reader in child services afterwards. I fretted endlessly about sounding preachy, and still do. (And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t go back, and no I haven’t missed it)
photo 3
The day we discovered that even when you turn up at Birling Gap without looking at the tide tables first, and find the water’s at the cliff’s bottom, there’s much to do. And when the tide does go out you can explore the chalk plateau even better in jelly shoes!
A post about the abundantly lovely Lewes Food Market at Market Tower every Friday. It was the first time in ages my little one and I had taken it slow and just wandered. Colour and scent combined for a simple sensory activity
Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 22.14.53
The first in a new series I started called ‘Let’s All Look At Some Blogs’, which celebrates blogs I like and lets me indulge in posting gorgeous pictures and blog high-fives on my own… This first post was about fashion, interiors and design
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Tee pees
A jet-lagged day with a long-missed distantly-located friend and her offspring at the captivating Cass Sculpture Foundation Embarrassingly, they had to gently wrap my knuckles on viewing the post – the sculptures aren’t meant to be touched and we didn’t manage our children very well on this occasion
A return to my writing roots (travel) and current specialism (design). My husband and I took an indulgent three-night break in Helsinki and I reflected in this post on why, if everything can align for it, it’s essential (and good for them) to take time away from your children
Another tricky post to write, this time in response to “your blog makes me feel guilty” comments. This image of Cuckmere Haven, taken from a moving car in the dark, is the embodiment of this post’s written content: that blogs and social media are an edited, filtered snapshot of real life and like everyone else’s, mine is full of the stress and shit of everyday existence – and that I pretty much daily I fail to manage dealing with it all with any panache
An indulgent review (and giveaway of not one, not three, but FIVE copies from Templar in the end!) of Katharine McEwen’s beautiful book ‘Bear Hug’, about the seasons and the circle of life. If you don’t own a copy by now, you really ought to rectify!
My family’s adventures in Christmas tree tagging and baubling at Wilderness Wood – which delivered a little lesson in what Christmas is all about and was perfectly magical in every way
Maurice Sendak - Where the wild things are
A chance to share a touching animation created by Christoph Niemann that visualised a deeply beautiful radio interview with ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak. This little clip has brought a lump to my throat for a few years because of the way it reminds me of what’s important – I hope it felt like a meaningful (rather than mournful) post

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite 14 Posts for '14 – And Happy New Year!

    1. Lori how lovely to read that! I have loved supporting you through it and having your contributions – hopefully there will be more chances for us to collaborate in 2015! Happy new year to you and your little family. x

  1. I love your blog Kate, don’t give it up! I moved here in April and have used loads of your local tips as well as general ideas for things to do with kids. Happy new year x

    1. Thank you Sally, that’s so SO nice to read! There’s lots more of the local tips posts coming up, it’s been a bit dry of that lately because of Christmas and the cold/wet weather… Bexhill next! Such a sparkling wonderful day there a couple of days ago. Happy new year! x

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