Warmest Christmas Wishes to You


And so that time of year has come around finally. I feel like I’ve been blogging about Christmas for weeks (well I have, since the end of October – sorry!).

Now it’s time to down tools and enjoy time with my husband and our boys. I don’t think anyone will be wanting to read my waffle over the next couple of weeks anyway. There’s fun to be had, moments to savour and hopefully some rest in amongst it all.

So for now it’s ‘god jul’ as we say in Danish, and ‘vi ses’ (see you). Thank you for reading this year, I’m so grateful for every one of you that visits Little Lewes – all your comments, suggestions, support, and friendships.

Next year I hope to change the look of Little Lewes, move things on a little, and grow its readership even more.

But for now it’s woolly socks on and glass of prosecco in hand for me. I hope you have warm and special celebrations with your families this year.

Kate x

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I’m Kate, a copywriter, brand consultant and editor who creates messages that are clear and clean. I create these for brands and agencies both big and boutique, in areas including design, homes and interiors, travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, and kids and families. I believe clear, clean messages bolster brands and businesses. They evoke emotion and ignite inspiration, and when written well, they’re easier to absorb – and respond to. I live in Copenhagen and am half-English, half-Danish. I write as comfortably in American English as in British, and behind the scenes I'm also studying Danish. Need help getting your message out? Contact me.

4 thoughts on “Warmest Christmas Wishes to You

  1. of Eastour blog’s Little Lewis . Very inspiring , just wish I lived in a unique village like town. Lewes is such an amazing place, enjoyed very much when I visit with my beautiful daughter Jody. Think you know her well !!
    Wishing you and your family Kate, a beautiful Christmas, enjoy all your hard work, eat, drink, and be Merry until you fall over laughing !

    Warmest Wishes from the cool, wet shores of East Sooke, Vancouver Island .

  2. Nice to hear some Danish in lewes! God jul til jer!!! We are off to dk and will be back in lewes in 2015! Are you danish Kate?

    1. Hi Gugge! Yes – jeg er halv! My father is Danish… I’m jealous of you going to Denmark at this time of year – so hygge! But Lewes does quite well in that way as well I guess! Nice to have some Danish in the comments on the blog – I hope you have a great new year Gugge. Warmest, Kate

      1. Great! Have only met one other half Dane in lewes but then again have only been there since sept! Love your blog and yes, snow have fallen here in funen today, so lovely! Godt nytår! Xx

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